The sound of locked brakes is going to haunt me for a while #FeelingBlessed

The crash that almost happenedFeeling blessed…in a split second the car in front of me slams in its brakes. I then slam on mine, stopping just short of slamming into it. I then look up in my rear view mirror to see a large utility truck coming at me full speed from behind. He was talking on the phone…. Slams on his brakes but there is no time he’s going to fast. I see my sweet Maveric sitting in the back with the truck coming right at him. With just inches to spare the truck takes a sharp turn and goes into the field to avoid smashing us. I was shaking so bad I could hardly breath. So grateful we are safe… The sound of locked brakes is going to haunt me for a while. Maveric had no idea what was going on… Once we parked he wanted to know why we were just sitting there. I told him Mom needed to say a prayer and thank Heavenly Father for keeping us safe today. He then looks at me…. OK but after the prayer can I go home and play Xbox.


  1. Scarey, so glad you are ok and nothing more than a case of being scared to death happened

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