The taste of summer

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Many of you have probably noticed that I have not bought much produce the last month or so.  The reason is I have tons of wonderful fresh veggies coming from my garden, and from my friends gardens.  In fact we have more than we can eat, so we to have been giving it away.  We have had all the corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, green beans, that we could wish for.  We also enjoyed plums  from our neighbors tree, and now the Peaches in this area are ripe and ready to eat!

006Now if you buy a peach at the grocery store, they are over priced and taste nothing like the fresh ones you pick off the tree.  I am blessed to live in an area that have lots of orchards and so we get to have fresh juicy peaches at the end of every summer.  Growing up I would help my mom can BOXES and BOXES of peaches!  Then we would enjoy them for breakfast the rest of the year.  We always went to the fruit stands to get the best price.  Or we would glean for fallen fruit. One of my favorite stands is Saxton’s fruit stand off of Karcher road in Caldwell.  This weekend they have boxes of peaches for $8.00 a box.

Or if you are up for a little longer drive you can drive to Williamsons fruit stand towards Marsing ( another one of my favorites) , they had an even bigger box for $8.00.  Or they also have boxes of fruit that is ready to eat, they have them labeled as RIPE and they are only $4.00 a box.  This is what is shown in the photo above, we bought them on Saturday it had about 30 peaches in it, and we only have a few left in the box.  If you buy the $4 box they are  less than .15 cents a peach! They are so sweet and juicy!  If you ever want to call the fruit stands to ask them any questions their numbers are

Saxtons 208- 459-0997

Williamsons 208- 459-7333

What to do with all the cheap fresh fruit?

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