Those are NOT balls… the life of a toddler

 My house has been a lot quieter the last two weeks with the older kids in school. My two little ones walked around the first few days not sure what to do with their playmates off to school.  But it did not take them long to get into a new routine, and into mischief as normal.  I was working at my desk and Maveric was at the counter playing with some play dough.

When out of no where he yelled “BALLS” at the top of his lungs. I jumped a foot off my chair and about threw my neck out turning as fast as I could to make sure there where no BALLS coming in my direction.  Little stinker scared the crud out of me…. when I turned around I saw him holding two light bulbs.  My first thought, where on EARTH did he get light bulbs.  My second thought  grab them before my little athlete uses his throwing arm and chucks them across my kitchen and they shatter into a million pieces.

Luckily he was in a sharing mood and happily handed over his “balls”.  It was at that moment I looked up and noticed the hanging lights above my counter where missing there bulbs…. That little sneaky stink, had climbed up on the counter, unscrewed two lights all in stealth mode without making a sound… as I was only 5 feet away.

mommy moment

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