Three in One CROCHET NECKLACE, HEADBAND AND BRACELET only 8.50 with shipping


Buy two get a free flower clip Your choice of color. 

Only $8.50 including shipping!

The one selling is a off white or Natural colored (ALL IN ONE) CROCHET NECKLACE, HEADBAND BRACELET. It has a 2 1/2 inch flower of the same color with a brown and tan button sewn in the middle of the flower.

They are made from 4 ply Worsted Weight 100% cotton yarn.
They are about 19 inches long. There are 4 crochet chains, each chain is a little longer than the one before it. This helps the necklace lay evenly around the neck.
When used for the Headband the chains stretch nicely around the head and fasten with a button under the hair.
If you want to use it as a bracelet you just wrap it around the wrist several times and button.
The flower is about 2 1/2 inches wide and is attached to the 4 chains about 3/4 of the length.
These ALL IN ONE’s look nice on all ages. Little girls love the pretty flower in the hair, teenagers love to wear them all 3 ways.

The necklace can really dress up a casual t-shirt, so moms this is a good way to add a little zing to an old wardrobe.

I can make them in any color as long as I can find the color. Contact Ashbee’s Crafts for a specific color. Look in the Crochet section for more examples. If you would like the flower on a clip so you can switch to different necklaces or wear in your hair I can do that just add a $1.00.

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