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Gary Butler

Tying my shoes, toasting bread, telling the truth are all lessons my mother taught me, but the lessons that I cherish most about my mother were not taught, they were caught. Early I learned that a mother’s love, her lessons and her character are caught not taught. My mother never once sat down and said to me watch how I cook for your father everyday, “this is how a wife cares for her husband”. Never once did she mention as she went to care for the elderly on a midnight shift ever say, “this is how you sacrifice for your family”. As she drug herself home after that late night shift and assisted all 4 of her boys in the morning preparation for school, did she ever say, “work until the job is finished”. These were lessons that were caught. These are the lessons that inspire young boy and girls to aspire to find and possess the qualities of their mother. When I cook, I cook with passion. When I work, I work with zeal and character. When I love, I love with ferocity. I caught these from my mother because her words could not teach them. Thank you Etta Butler. I love you more than words can ever express. My prayer is that others will catch this love from me as I caught it from you.  Happy Mother’s Day Etta Butler.  I love you!

I learned this just a few months ago from a friend’s mother. If you rip your dryer sheets in half they still get the job done and your box lasts twice as long! I was thrilled at such a simple money saving idea!
My mother-in-law is my thrifty mentor. My MIL taught me that thrifty food can be delicious and showed me better ways to shop that don’t break the bank. She taught me that homemade foods are so good, and save money. She also taught me to use the crock pot on busy days to help avoid the temptation of a 6pm fast food run, since dinner is already ready at home! I’m hoping she will teach me to can this summer since I hope to have tons of tomatoes in my garden!
To always make my husband feel apprecited because there will be someone out there that will very to have what we don’t appear to want.


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