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My mom taught me to be green and save money before it was popular! She always re-used foil and zip bags and I can’t tell you the last time she used a paper towel! Mom always kept a stack of “bar” towels handy and used them on a regular basis. Her theory was always a towel is better and I can wash it…cheap, cheap, cheap!



The thing my mom taught me the most was not spoken but shown to us through the way she acted. She always took us to church, whether dad went or not, she always went to our parent teacher conferences, she supported us in dance, sports, piano, and all the other pursuits we did. She is really amazing.


La Vonne

My mother is no longer with us but she definately is in my heart. She taught me many things and the most important was “to love”. As I grow older and experience the things that she did as a parent it all becomes even more clear. The only thing that matters when it is time to say goodbye is “I Love You.”



…so many things. Main ones from my mother were – saying “Yes Maam” and “No Sir” and “Thank you!”, being considerate of others, helping the elderly and handicapped, always doing what is right even when your friends aren’t…I could go on and on.

From a practical standpoint, I re-use gallon and half-gallon ziplock bags by washing and drying them. I have made clothes detergent – and hanging out laundry.




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