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My mother has been through so much in her life, cancer twice, divorce, raising us alone through difficult times. But no matter what has come her way she remains positive and reminds us that things will be ok no matter what and that we do what we have to do to get through hard times as good times always come around! But the one thing that really sticks out in my mind is something simple my mother always told me (in fact I can hear her voice in my head now): “you are my daughter and I know you’ll do the right thing!” This applies to everything in life and anytime I have a decision I hear my mommy “I know you”ll do the right thing” and the decision become easy because of the morales and values she instilled in us…so remember just do the right thing and it’s a lot easier. Love you mommy!


My mother worked in the ship yard during WWII. She started as a welder, but soon found out that the men doing wiring made more money. She went to the head of the electrical department and asked for a job. He told her it wasn’t “woman’s” work. She told him she want to try and if he would give her a chance and he didn’t think she was doing a good job, she would quit. He sent her to school, then sent her up on the mast to do wiring. He was very pleased with her work and he kept her there until on day when she fell off the mast and broke her pelvis. She taught me that there was nothing I couldn’t do if I really wanted to and “I could catch more flies with honey than I could with vinegar”. She always had a good attitude and treated people kindly. I miss her!
My mom taught me not to throw out those last couple of spoonfulls of that nights dinner veggies it in a jar stick it in the freezer. Keep doing this until you have a jarful. Thaw and you have a nice mixture and variety of veggies for a pot pie soup or stew. Also how to fend or cook for ourselves. As we got older mom would have a foosh night aka Fix it yourself. Normally on a sunday night after church and we only really needed a snack or on a saturday night. We could have whatever we wanted, fixed however we wanted it as long as we did it ourselves. It gave her the night off and made us learn how to fix what we wanted. If we were going to go to the trouble of cooking a meal though we had to ask who else wanted it and cook for them as well. It usually ended up being a group project. My grandma taught me that the kitchen really is the heart of the home as so much love, time, and effort goes in to preparing a home cooked meal.


My mom taught me that you can’t spend yourself rich and you don’t buy it unless its on sale. Also, she taught me the fun and thriftiness of shopping at thrift stores/yard sales, I hated it then but love doing it now!


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