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Each day we will be posting our readers “Thrifty Advice My Mama Taught Me”.  At the end of the month,

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My mom always taught me how to do a weekly menu. After making the Menu she taught me how to create a shopping list from what meals we would be eating. This sure has helped ever since I left home and went to college and then it helped me a lot after getting married.


Something else my mom taught me was when your brown sugar gets hard and lumpy add a piece of bread to it wait overnight. It will be soft and usable again. We also lived in an area that did not have many stores nor get coupons so mom taught us to know the prices on products,shop with a list and be willing to go to multiple stores. The list helped because when its a half an hour drive to the nearest grocery store you aren’t going to forget something you need and pay 3x’s the price at the closest convience store which was still 5 miles away.

We are a charcoal grilling family. When you fire up the grill, don’t cook for only one meal…cook for several! Grilled hamburgers, brats, chicken, and pork taste just as good the next day.

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