Thrifty Baby Ideas

IMG_1193Look what I was in my laundry today….. Yes I am starting to “nest” and my mind is whirling with all the things I need to do, to get ready for my little boy who is due on April 9th ( but so far all my babies have come 2 weeks early).  I have been busy washing up blankets, baby clothes and plan to put up his crib this week.

I did save Matthews baby clothes from 8 years ago, but I realized most of them were very stained and out of style now.  I would love to go out and buy the new baby all new clothes, but hello that is not very thrifty.  I have been blessed to have a local store called Other Mothers who sells used baby clothes as a good price, BUT they also do a .25 cents sale once a month.  Everything is only .25 cents, you never know what you are going to find, but over the last few months I have been able to get some really cute “like new” baby clothes.  For about $10 I have been able to get  enough clothes for the first few months.  I came home washed them up, and have them ready for my little boy.

I have had 9 months to stock up on diapers, ( which I stocked up at price I was willing to pay)  most of them I was able to get for less than $3 a package.  This will help my budget not “blow up” due to the extra cost of diapers.

When we picked our insurance plan, we knew we plan on a large family.  We pay more per month for our family plan but it pays for the baby 100%, all I have to pay is a $500 hospital stay.  I may pay more a month but this has saved me thousands for the price other plans cost. ( Yes we are blessed that Matt is a nurse, and as long as we go to the hospital he works at, we get great coverage)

I plan to breast feed, which I feel is the healthiest option.  Plus it is FREE, I would have to pay more in formula in one month, than I spend on my WHOLE family.  I do have a nice breast pump that  I have used with the 3 other kids, which will allow for bottle feeding as well.

I have been trying to make a few freezer meals, so I am able to feed my family good solid meals without all the stress.  I have enough of a “stockpile” that we will only need to shop for fresh items while I am recovering.  This  will help us stick to our budget.

I am no expert, but these are a few things that we do to have a Thrifty baby.

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