Thrifty Christmas tip of the day


Each day we will be posting A Thrifty Christmas Tip, from our readers. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $100.00  Gift Card. For all the details click here. Keep those thrifty tips coming!!!

Todays thrifty tips,

I save up my gift cards throughout the year and use them towards gifts or give them out as gifts themselves.

We take our children to the Dollar Tree every year and let them buy a gift for each sibling. This way they get to give a gift to their sisters and we don’t have worry about following them around a department store telling them to pick a less expensive gift. My girls get very excited about the $1 gifts that they pick for eachother, sometimes they can’t hold the excitement of it and end up telling eachother what they bought..haha

Francine Chick
I have two sisters who like to get a new skillet each year so I am ready on Black Friday to find the best deal on skillets and skillet sets. I was able to get three Caphalon skillets worth $100 for $30 and will separate them and give the large skillets to my sisters and the smaller skillets to my nieces and nephews families. I will fill each skillet with colored filler and then fancy wrapped candies and maybe a jar of seasonings and then wrap in transparent wrap and tie it with a very nice wired ribbon bow. I believe it will be a nice inexpensive and yet useful gift with a nice touch of sweet and savory!

Lora R.
This year we are on a very tight budget. I love being generous but had to realize that I can still be generous but give as well. We get our budget and write down everyone we are buying for and about how much we have to spend on each person. We started early and when we found a gift that was on our list we would buy it if it was on sale or we had a great coupon. Just spending 30 minutes each day online we have received many of our kids gifts for free. I have won some and other I have received because they offered $20 credits if you signed up. We also were able to open a savings account for both our kids through ING recently and received $25.00 for each child for opening a savings account. So my biggest tip, spend some time online and you can get great gifts and save BIG!

Every year we have Christmas lunch at our house and I make prime rib. I ask my family to help out with the cost instead of bringing food since prime rib can be pricey. Every one pitches in and I get to make a wonderful Christmas lunch. We finish lunch by making a brithday cake for Jesus and each kid has a part to read and then they decorate the cake based on what they read. It is a lot of fun and gets everyone to participate in the story of Christs’ birth.

For neighbors and teachers I bake and wrap them nicely. There is nothing like homemade treats! It is easy to buy things, but when you take time to make something it is more special.

That is how we have a thrify Christmas and no one would ever guess how little we spent and nothing was charged, all paid for with cash.

Athena Nagel
Years ago you could get internet cd’s for free for things like AOL, Yahoo and Netzero. I always grabbed the free cd’s and decorated the cd’s with photos and trim (scraps of whatever is around) for ornaments for the Christmas tree. Although we can’t get those free cd’s anymore there are always plenty of scratched cd’s, dvds, and deals to get free blank cd’s. It is now to the point where our entire tree is decorated with these ornaments and they are always a topic of discussion with guests.

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