Thrifty Christmas tip of the day

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Each day we will be posting A Thrifty Christmas Tip, from our readers. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $100.00  Gift Card. For all the details click here. Keep those thrifty tips coming!!!

Thanks to Jenn for todays Thrifty tip,


I made these Christmas ornaments as a thrifty gift.  I got the pictures of my daughter printed off at Sam’s Club for $.17 for 2 wallets.  I used the lid off of some canned frosting.  I also used some card stock, glitter and glue that I had gotten free from doing a Martha Stewart House Party.  I had my daughter draw a picture on the card stock I had cut out to fit the back on the ornament.  I use some puffy paint to write the year and old red buttons for the berries.  Use a little thread and nettle and it was ready to hang.  Cost me less then $1.00 each to make these.

tc1tc2tc4Here are a few other thrifty tips.

What a great way to get in to the Christmas spirit (setting up my Christmas tree did not do give me the Christmas spirit since I can’t get all my lights to work). Anyway, my thrifty idea has to do with gift cards. We have several family members out of state who prefer to receive gift cards. I have found a great way to score some great gift card presents. I have a Discover card that I use all year long for every purchase possible. I pay off the bill on this card in full every month and never pay interest. My Discover card earns at least 1% back on all purchases and even more for some purchases. I save up all of my rewards and use them for Christmas gift card purchases. These rewards are used to purchase discounted gift cards. For example, Borders gift cards are $25 for $20 of rewards. I end up paying nothing for gift cards just because I am a disciplined credit card user. Yeah!. I would only recommend this thrifty advise to those that are disciplined credit card users because any interest payments will definately outweight any benefit received.

We have 2 daughters ages 7 and 5, and we love Christmas. Throughout the year I buy gifts that are “frugal finds” and we also make a lot of sweet-treat gifts. But we do spend money at Christmas because we love to give so much. My girls have been participating with us in giving gifts to needy children/families since they were babies. They help me stuff the stockings, pack the bookbags, wrap the gifts, bake the cookies, make the meals…they do everything with us! In our home we celebrate Christ’s birth and they know that is the real meaning of Christmas and to give is in honor of Christ, not just because we have to, or because we’re getting presents too. It’s a joy to give at Christmas and it feels even better when it doesn’t break the bank

Oh this year our Christmas budget is zero, but we saw this day coming and have been stacking our swagbucks and irazoo points, and my points from I cash the swagbucks and irazoo points in for Amazon gift cards and the my points are cashed in for $10 gift cards. I have been able to get my 5 month old a baby gym, and a walker with no money out of pocket. For my nephews I give them stockings that I stuff with freebies and items from the dollar tree like they love the little compress washcloths that grow when you add water. The key it to plan for christmas all year round. For example right after Christmas I’ll start saving for my Daughter’s birthday which is in July. Also I love to look at Christmas lights and go to all of the local free Christmas Events. One thing I did spend money on was a princess and the frog Christmas Ornament for my daughter I couldn’t resist the Disney Store Deal.

Jessica Wilhite
Christmas is my favorite time of the year. My boys are 4 1/2, 3 & 19 months & I have another one on the way in the next month so they are just at the age of understanding what Christmas is all about. We are just starting to make our own Christmas traditions, which I think is so awesome to see that spark of excitement in their eyes. We are on a budget, so last year we started making homemade gift baskets full of baked goods for our family & friends. My boys had so much fun helping me prep & cook for our baking week last year that they are so excited to help me again this year. I think this will be a tradition we will have for many years to come because I love baking & it’s a good way to share the love, but stay on a budget as well. Merry Christmas!

Michelle Crooker
My husband and I have six children and with the way the economys been the last two years we’ve had to watch our money real close. I started shopping early this spring. I belong to many different type of money saving pages on face-book, yours being one of them. And bought things here and there when there were good deals or sales. My son wants a Nintendo DS for Christmas this year and I kept check out eBay but the prices were still too high so I asked on face-book if any of my friends had one just hanging around they wanted to sell. Well one of my friends did and she sold my the DS with 16 games and 2 chargers for $65.00! We also when shopping on black Friday and got some good deals. I also check criagslist and bid on things on eBay.

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