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Each day we will be posting our readers “Thrifty Cleaning and Organization Tips”.  At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card For all the details click here.

What to do with used dryer sheets? I save them to use when I’ve burnt something in pan or crockpot, let sit over night and it loosens food off of pan/bowl. It’s like magic!!
I love Clorox & Lysol cleaning/disinfecting wipes, they work great with little effort. I also like Magic eraser, they are pretty amazing. Resolve, to spot clean on the carpet, is one of my favorites also. My little ones like to use the Swiffer duster & to help vacuum. Music definitely helps break up the monotony of cleaning, plus burn a few extra calories LOL
Our kids have a lot of toys and since we don’t have a dedicated room for them we have found that if we rotate their toys out occasionally it really helps to keep things a little cleaner and it helps to make it easier to clean up. We put most of their toys away in containers and keep a few toys out for them to play with. When they seem to get sick of those toys we put them away and get a few different toys out and it is like those toys are new again.
My favorite cleaning tool is an old toothbrush, I keep one in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. In the kitchen it is great for cleaning around the glass top (wierd lip area) and around the sink and faucet, in the bathroom around sink and faucet, in laundry room use with clorox 2 on stains (best thing ever for yellow baby poo) but will take out almost any stain, even set in stains, it make not look like it, but get it out after the wash and you’ll be amazed. I hate cleaning in general, but hope to find a way to make it not so imposing and impossible seeming.
If you happen to get pine sap in your hand, you know that washing them doesn’t take it off, and they remain sticky, if you will just wash you hands with lotion instead, using it just as you would soap it will take the sap right off your skin.
WD40 gets crayon off of walls and furniture (not fabric), hairspray will remove ink stains on clothing.
I have heard that lavender oil is great for a disinfectant. I have lots of dried lavender from the festival in Nampa last year. So I crushed some and threw it in my floor-washing water- a great smell and safe for the baby to crawl on. (I also used it for “spa day” when we soaked all our feet during Spring Break). A little goes a long way! Also- buying local!
Hydrogen Peroxide to clean shower tiles and grout. It works really really well, no hazardous fumes, and is very inexpensive.


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