Thrifty Coupon Printing

printOne of our readers sent us these great THRIFTY COUPON PRINTING Tips!

Thanks Maryhelen! With Sarah out sick, this helps and is great advice.

Printing coupons can take a toll on both your paper supply and your ink. But there are ways to make printing more “thrifty” and here are a few that have saved us significantly:

  1. Use the backs of other papers to print your coupons. This can be your child’s schoolwork, papers from their teachers, misprints from other projects ~ anything that has printing on one side, but not the other. I’ve gone through and cleaned out old binders and old files and now have a large stack of paper that is for coupons only. Perhaps your office has a recycle bin for misprints or pages that are no longer needed. Check with your employer to see if you can use those pages for coupons (after all, you’re recycling!). Of course you want to be cautious as to what you print on the back of ~ make sure your personal or any sensitive information is not going to end up on the back of your coupon.
  2. Adjust your printer to print at a “fast normal” quality. You can also select only a “grayscale” print, which means that the printer will print your coupons in black and white. Both of these cut the amount of ink used and makes your ink go farther. Stores used to be particular about taking black and white printed coupons, but these days the bar codes are better, scan more easily and are tougher to forge. This has expanded the acceptance policies and has made it easier for all of us.
  3. There are a number of companies out there who sell their ink for less. We took a chance in January and are so glad we did! We bought 18 cartridges of ink for $65. These were both black and color cartridges. They have been great! Our printer (a Brother) has been happy, and the quality just the same as if we’d bought the ink at a higher price. And because we take our empty cartridges back to Staples for a $3 “rebate”, in the end, we’ll have only paid $17 for 18 cartridges! THAT brings a smile to my face!

Since saving is the idea, we can better complete the circle by keeping every aspect of couponing a thrifty endeavor!

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