Thrifty craft tip….make your own notepad

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Thanks to My Sweet December for passing along this thrifty tip,
I found this fantastic product called notepad adhesive by The Unleashed Pen that lets you make your own note pad and countless other projects. It is a glue that you paint it on the edge of any stack of papers, let it dry and TADA! your very own custom notepad. I’m so excited to start making some of my stocking stuffer for Christmas. If you like this project you should definitely go to The Unleashed Pen on Etsy. You can buy a 2 oz. bottle for 4.99. A little goes a long way, I’m sure even at my rate of creativity this will last me a year or longer!

My first test project was to make gift tags with my Cricut. I love cutting out scrapbook shapes and tags for gifts but they end up everywhere. So I thought why not use the notepad adhesive to stick them all together. It worked great!

Gather supplies. (thanks for the great birthday present Dad!)

Cut out gift tag shape.

Stack and clip together with binder clips.

Let it dry and put on one more layer.

No more tags all over the place!

One of my gift ideas for my mom friends is this notepad of babysitter info. I made a fun little info sheet on my computer and printed it out. Then made multiple copies at the print shop so that I didn’t use up all my printer ink 🙂 Then I was able to make a photo frame with some of my scrapbook supplies. Attach the notepad and the photo frame to some chipboard and you have a very cute personal gift for any mom or dad.

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