Thrifty Deal at Walgreens

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Thanks to Allison for passing this thrifty deal scenario along,

I  wanted to leave a note about the B1G1 deals going on. I’ve seen B1G1 deals where the first item rings in for the price, and the second rings in as $0.00. However, I got NatureMade vitamins yesterday and they both rang in for the price, and then it took $13.49 off. This means both items count towards the Super Jingle Cash deal. My transaction looked like this:

2 NatureMade Prenatals: $13.49×2=$26.98
2 Chex Mix: $.99×2=$1.98
3 Christmas bag fillers: $.12×3=$.38
Less 2 NatureMade coupons ($2.00)
Less Chex Mix coupon ($.50)
Less 3 Register Rewards ($9.50)
Less B1G1 ($13.49)
Total OOP (plus tax): $4.80

I then received $5 in RR for next week. Yay!

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