Thrifty deal on Kingsford Charcoal


Thanks to Mark for Passing this thrifty deal along!08

My wife has the coupon bug like none other….  We have seven children and spend a great deal on groceries.  So this past week we spent an evening grocery shopping at Albertsons.  She handed me some coupons and said here is your list, meet me at the car when you are done.  In one transaction I saved over 80% and came away believing that if we teamed up we could save even more.  An hour later and $21 spent, we had purchased about $125 in groceries and had a fun time together.

Now I have the bug and yesterday I found a great deal on Kingsford Charcoal. Save $6 on a bag of charcoal when you buy any one product listed on the coupon.  Here is the link :

We went to Winco and purchased 18 lbs. bags of charcoal for $6.98 and hot dogs & ranch dressing (used a ranch dressing coupon too) in different combinations as the coupon allowed.  Bottom line is that you can buy a bag of charcoal and a package of hot dogs for $1.96 using the $6 coupon.  We are storing up on a few bags of charcoal for storage cooking fuel and at a buck a bag, it is a great deal.

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