Thrifty deals from my Reader

Thanks to Trina for passing along these Thrifty deals!

#1 – Almonds, 4 Pringles, 2 Weight Watchers candy, 2 Bandaids, and 1 Neosporin: before savings all this would have cost $37.78, I paid $1.93.

#2 – 8 Got2B Hair Products, 2 Tic Tacs, 1 Hand Sanitizer (I had to get the Tic Tacs and Hand Sanitizer to equal out my coupon to item ratio): before savings all this would have cost $53.47, I paid $15.55 but got $20.00 in RR. The Walgreens on 10th and Cleveland still has some Got2B hair gels left for anyone looking for a last minute deal.

#3 – This I didn’t buy at a store, but I just had to share this one with you.  My 5 year old nephew was selling raffle tickets for the Heights Elementary Spring Carnival so being supportive of him I bought 20 $1 tickets.  It turns out that I won the grand prize!!!  A 40 inch HD LCD TV.  Now that is a Thrifty deal!!trina3

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