Thrifty deals from our Readers

Just wanted to pass these great deals on, Thanks Jeannette

Total Advanced Whitening Toothpaste
3.49 in store
-2.49 coupon savings in Easy Saver booklet
or in the 3/22 SS
Stride Gum
.79 each coupon in Easy Saver
-2.00 from 3/22 SS
=3 for .37
Thanks to  Kerwin faimily for these deals

 Walgreens-they are closing out certain kinds of gum and and i have found the 10 packs (of 5 pieces) on cleareance for .67. they had quite a selection at the eagle and ustick store ,and i did see them at 2 other stores just not quite a selection.I also came across the bic soleil razors that are being clearanced at the ustick -5-mile store they are 3.59  and the cartridges are also 3.59, there is a -$2 coupon in the easysaver book and there was a -$2 man coupon in last sun paper =free,actually its been coming up as an overage. Sweet
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