Thrifty DIY Candy Dish ~ Flower Pot Gumball machine

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My friend Leslea made me this adorable candy dish for Christmas.  The photo’s does not do it justice, I wish you could see it in personl. It is really cute!

BUT I loved it even more when I realized what she made it out of…….  Can you tell… look hard.

The base is a clay pot pot turned upside down, and painted black.  The lid to the candy pot is the base of the clay pot also painted black and turned upside down.


The candy dish is a fish bowl….. Looks like she used gorilla glue or something to attach it to the base.

Last but not least a wooden ball, also painted black attached to the top as the handle to the candy jar.

She made mine out of a clay pot, and a glass bowl, so I am just praying my kids do not bust it into a million pieces.  To make it a little more kid friendly you could make it out of a plastic pot and a plastic fish bowl.  Either way, I love mine …thanks again Leslea.

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