Thrifty Easter Baskets

The Savvy Squirrel sent us this guest post on Thrifty Easter Baskets



Every year I end up spending alot of money on Easter baskets. This year we just dont have it to spend so I gave myself a goal of only spending $10 on each easter basket. I dont think they played out too bad. We already had our Easter baskets & grass so I didnt have to buy that. Here is the break down:

Linden’ Basket:
$2.50 T-shirt From Disney store purchased in July on sale
$3.00 Toy Keys from Walmart
$1.00 Jump rope from Walmart
$1.00 Frisbee from Walmart
$1.00 Kite
$ .39 Peeps Walgreens
$ .39 Snickers Walgreens
$ .33 Stickers
$ .50 Pen
Total $10.11 + Tax
Kody’s Basket
$1.00 Kite from Walmart
$1.00 Frisbee from Walmart
$1.00 Jump rope from Walmart
$1.00 Cap gun (I picked this up on clearane at Walgreens in the summer)
$1.00 Cap refills
$2.00 T-shirt Walmart(clearance)
$ .39 Peeps
$ .39 Snickers
$ .33 Stickers
$ .50 Pen
Total $8.61 + Tax
It took a little planning and looking around the stores to find everything but when it all came together I dont think they turned out too bad.
I do try to buy things in advance like Lindens t-shirt and Kodys cap gun. If you find things at a great price pick them up. Then it wont seem so noticeable on your pocket book when you do need a present. Happy Hunting!

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