Thrifty Fun: Rocket Ships and Flying Saucers

summer projects for kids, straw rockets

Falling in Love with your Family by Alison

Need some fun in the beautiful Spring weather?  For less than a quarter, you can make a fun rocket ship and flying saucer.  Just don’t forget to go outside and enjoy the alien attack with your kids!  Mother’s Day Weekend is not only for waiting for people to appreciate us, it is for celebrating the fact that you are a mother!  Have some fun and enjoy your little people!

1. Flying Saucer (Start to finish: 3 minutes plus dry time)

These fun paper plate flyers were a staple in my babysitting bag long ago.  My kids love them now.  Here’s what you need:

2 paper plates

crayons or markers


Let your child color the 2 paper plates

Glue the flat sides together.  Let dry and let fly!

How simple is that?!?

2. Paper Rockets (Start to finish: 7 minutes)

I learned about these fun rockets from Cherice.  Thanks for the great idea! What you need:

1 sheet of paper (plain or colored)


a straw

Let your child color the paper

Fold the paper so you have 8 rectangles.  Cut one of them out.

Roll the paper lengthwise around a pencil and tape.  Squish the top around the pencil tip and tape it so air doesn’t escape.

Finish the rocket by adding paper “rockets booster.”  Use one of the other squares to cut an elongated triangle, fold in half, and secure underneath with tape or glue.  Then let your child blow into the straw.  They blast off surprisingly well!  Now, go outside and have some fun!