New Weekly post & new member of the A Thrifty Mom team – Alison

A few months ago Matt came into the kitchen and asked little Maveric if he wanted to come help Daddy cut the grass.  Maveric threw his hands in the air, and was beyond excited.  Matt scooped him up in his arms and took him outside.  I then watched them drive around the yard together.  Matt on his “old beater mower” that is almost older than he is, and Maveric on his Daddy’s lap.  Both happy as can be.

Call me crazy but at that moment I totally fell in love with Matt all over again.  Matt being a good father, and loving our children brings me more happiness than anything money could buy.  I love my family more than anything… but it is also very easy to get annoyed, argue  and drift apart.  Keeping my family close, and remembering to continue to “fall in love with them” takes work.  But the most important work I will ever do.

That is when the phrase “Falling In Love With Your Family” came to my mind.  I thought it would make an amazing weekly topic on my site…. but I did not feel I had the time or energy to get my ideas up every week.  I tried to dismiss the idea and move on…. but I could not shake it from my mind.  I would lay in bed at night thinking about this idea…  But still felt I did not have time for this new project.

Then one day I ran into my friend Alison and it hit me like a ton of bricks…. she was perfect for this. Not only do I admire her as a friend, wife and mother, but she also has a wealth of knowledge. When I need advice or feel down she is one of the few people I can turn to.  I am so excited that I get to share her with you all, and I hope it will give us all the inspiration to continue Falling in love with our families.

Meet Alison…..

Family is my passion!  I love Sarah’s blog, and I’m excited to be part of the fun.  I hope these posts will start a good conversation with ideas to improve our most important relationships.  Feel free to comment on the posts and add your own suggestions, comments, and examples.  Let’s keep falling in love with our families!

Little more info about Alison…

Degree in Human Development
Mother of 5, ages 3 – 13
Worked as a Child Abuse Prevention Specialist for Family Support and Treatment Center in Orem, UT
Taught Child Development and Social Welfare classes on the Navajo Reservation
Foster parent to 20 teenage girls
Worked in a Residential Treatment Facility in Tallahassee, FL (Girls and Boys Town) for 2 years
Idaho Young Mother of the Year 2009
Co-President of the Canyon County American Mothers Chapter (offering free parenting classes locally)
Conducts the Lapsit Storytime at the Caldwell Public Library
Loves to read, write music, collect antique hats, and dress her family straight from the Other Mothers quarter sale.

In addition to these achievements, Alison also has a long list of personal accomplishments that include starting multiple fires on the stove, sending children to dive through laundry baskets to find clothes for school, leaving her purse anywhere she takes her purse, forgetting her children’s birthdays anytime someone asks for a date of birth, and needing to go to time-out even more frequently than her three-year-old. She also has the distinction of being a proud owner of a two-week old banana her oh-so-patient husband pulled from her purse.

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