Thrifty Gift Idea with Glade Candle

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Over the last few months there has been some great coupons and sales on these Soy Candles from Glade.  I have been able to get several of them for Free.  In fact there is a great coupon out right now for $3 off 2 click here to print.  I wanted to turn these into little Valentines gifts for my kids teachers.  But I wanted to dress then up a bit, these will look really cute in a gift basket with a few other goodies.

IMG_0831I was able to make this in about 5 minutes, and think they turned out really cute!

IMG_0803I took the cardboard wrapper off the candle, and cut a piece of red card stock the same width and length.

IMG_0806I then used the cardboard wrapper as a guide to fold the new red cardstock wrap.

IMG_0807I then distressed the edges a little with a black stamp pad.

IMG_0810Stamped the image on a piece of white card stock with a Stampin Up Stamp.  Then used a punch to cut out the image.

IMG_0812I then cut out a red circle just larger out of red cardstock, and a scalloped black circle out of black cardstock.

IMG_0814I used a fine tip glue pen to cover the little heart in the middle.

IMG_0816Then coved the glue heart with super fine, red craft glitter.


I then did the same thing to add little red dots around the edges with glue and glitter.

IMG_0821I then hooked them all together with the little red heart brads.

IMG_0825Tied a little silver bow on the bottom.

IMG_0826Then wrapped it back around the candle.

IMG_0827Attaching it with glue on the bottom


And you are done….how simple was that!  Now I have a fun little gift to give!  The best part is, the candles were free, and I already had the craft supplies so they were free too!

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