Thrifty Goodie Box Idea

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12.21.09 039Each year I make goodie boxes for my Family at Christmas time.  I always make fudge and a few other treats….but the hardest part is coming up with a way to package them.  I know a good old paper plate does the trick with some foil on top.  But I like to try to make them look pretty too….without costing to much.

12.21.09 031While I was at Cash and Carry picking up the Chinese take out food boxes.  I saw these cute little cardboard food boxes….my brain started to spin and I thought they would be perfect for my Christmas treat boxes.  You do have to buy them in a package of 50, I think they were about $5.50 ( can’t remember the exact price).  So they are about .11 cents each.  They have a waxy coating on them so they work great for food items.

12.21.09 033I added a little tissue paper, and filled them with the goodies we made.

12.21.09 035They fold right up….super easy.

12.21.09 036

They are just so cute!

12.21.09 037I then tied a bow around them.  I always pick up ribbon AFTER the holidays and save it for the next year.  This spool of ribbon was $5.99  but I got it for about .50 cents last year in February.  Thinking ahead saves money!  They turned out really cute…. I am excited to see what other ideas I can up to use these.

12.21.09 041

To find a Cash and Carry near you click here.

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