Thrifty Halloween Craft Idea for kids

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craft2Thanks to Melinda for passing this along,

I saw your idea for a Halloween craft/treat, and was reminded of a (non-edible) craft my girls got to do at a recent Halloween activity.  You just take q-tips, a piece of paper cut like a skeletal head, and some glue, then make a skeleton by dipping the ends of each q-tip in the glue and arranging in a skeleton position.  Both my 3yo and my 18mo/old really enjoyed it!


I have to tell how much I love it when my readers pass along their thrifty ideas.  I love seeing what others moms are doing, so if you have a thrifty project, recipe, craft or tip feel free to pass it along!  If you have photos to go along with it, that makes it even better!

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