Thrifty Hand Warmers!

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Thanks to Pamela for passing along her great idea, how to make instant hand warmers.  I have made these before, but always made them bigger with a large piece of cloth.  I have to say I think these little hand warmers are such a cute idea…..

Have you ever thought of all days to not be able to locate the hand warmer’s, and you end up getting  over 17 inches of snow and “nasty” winds!
I decided I had to figure out a way to make some quick warmer’s.

Here’s what I did.

1. I found an old pair of my socks I don’t wear anymore.

2. I filled each sock with 2 cups of Long Grain White Rice.

3. I tied the socks tight.

4. I then folded the rest of the sock over the rice filled part.

I microwaved each about 2 minutes.
(I’m sure time will vary with each microwave.)

These stay nice and warm! You can reheat them over and over

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