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  • Heather – I read everyone’s posts, and there are some very funny stories and great ideas – some I might use. We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this month and I needed some ideas. My husband and I also have read “Love and Respect” and went to the video conference for it. It is worth the time. I learned a whole lot about my husband and what makes him tick and he learned the same about me.

The most important thoughtful thing I do for him though, is tell him often, how much I appreciate him and how hard he works for our family. He works in construction, so his hands are calloused and scarred and beat up and I let him know how sexy that is. This makes him smile every time.

  • Holly – Change the ringer on his phone to something special when you call It can be your song, something sweet, something funny, it doesn’t matter. Each time you call there will be a smile on his face.

    I changed my husbands to a kitty meowing and everyone would look around for a cat when I called him! Then I changed it to Barbie Girl b/c our kids liked it – my step son does not like to be around when my husbands phone rings! lol. My husband is impossible to embarrass so it is fun to play with his ringer. Besides putting a smile on his face it puts one on mine. The time I spend thinking up a new ringer is fun and often makes me giggle…….and I get that warm fuzzy feeling thinking of my honey.

    Tonight I’m changing it to “When You Say Nothing At All” by Alison Krause

  • Melva – Before getting married my husband lived in Chicago and i live in Texas. I couldn’t decide what to get him for valentines so one time i had a great idea. He loves barbque and shiner bock neither that you find in chicago so i flew up to chicago with two boxes of texas barbque from his favorite restraunt and 2 12packs of shiner bock i got several offers on my goods but there was only one man they were for. He was all smiles when he saw what i was getting off that plane with. Another time i could not make it up and i knew what restraunt he was going to have dinner at so i called the restraunt and paid the check and sent him a great bottle of wine to his table. He was sooo suprised i got a suprise visit that week.