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The biggest thing for me is to pray for my husband, daily. Sometimes I’ll try to say a sincere prayer in his ear as he leaves for work. It helps me to stay alert to HIS needs and lets him know how much he’s loved


My hubbby and I are both night owls so the last two nights when we were cuddling in bed and he said he was hungry, normally if I get him anything he gets toast or cereal. I got up and made him breakfast…@ 2:30 in the morning being blurry eyed I actually made him a full blown breakfast including homemade sausage patties his favorite…tonight I have homemade chicken wings in the oven (thanks to albertsons deal this week) good thing we don’t have weight problems. lol He has been very thankful and it actually makes him feel better in the morning if he eats late at night. So two fold benefit!

Ashley Cope

My husband creates one holiday a month for just us(I love you day, Ashley day, you choose day) He will always start the holiday off with a gift for me and a love letter. I just love my husband so much. Isn’t he so romantic!

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