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One thing I have done in the past to show my love for my husband is: write a giant love note on a white bed sheet using bright permanant markers! It was a creative way to tell him how much I completely adored him & how lost I would be without him in my life.It was so much fun to do he was really surprised! It wasn’t expensive either or too time consuming- it was unique and after he was done reading it, we got to snuggle underneath it together. Just a fun way to show your love for him!


I’m excited about this one
I was playing around with my phone and discovered I can send music/voice recorded messages, attach a picture and type a message. I know everyone’s phone is different. I have an Evo, and I just have to press the paper clip, attach my music, then it takes me to add a pic and message if I want. So for example I sent my husband a sound clip of Joey from Friends saying “how you doin?” took a pic of my bathrobe hanging on the hook in the bathroom and wrote -wish you were here.

The SUPER exciting thing – I can use music files on my phone, I can use ringers (which are super easy to get!), I can record my voice….I have so many options for the music/sound attachment. The picture can be anything I have on my phone. There are so many free ringtone and wallpaper apps that almost anything I want can be found – free!