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Amy B.

I wake up at 4:30 am and make coffee and lunch for my husband (he takes his lunch to work)… I have put a little “love note” in his lunch every single day for the past 13 years.

Tracy Hensley

What my husband and I do is each month we both get to pick a weekend out and we get to pick what we want to do. For example one weekend I picked “baby mommy weekend” during Sunday and Monday (his off days) its his job to cook and take care of the dog (its our kid). Sometimes he treats me to dinner out, or a trip to the spa just another way to showing how much he appreciates me. Here is quick a few weekends we’ve done, “baby mommy or daddy weekend,” movie weekend, you cook weekend, or lazy weekend. This has seemed to really work for us. It shows each other how much we appreciate one another. We always seem to race to the calender to see who gets their weekend first.


Beautiful advice. your advice > Dr. Phil . Last year I snuck a gift under my husband’s pillow and went to sleep (or atleast pretended to) 5 minutes before him. It was great when he came in and found the gift.  Will try these ideas for sure.


I have started to use thrifty ideas for date nights and we’ve never had so much fun! For example a groupon that I’m excited about is for two people to race at an indoor go kart place plus we get one appetizer to share and two fountain drinks – for $25! Sure beats the movies. I like to leave random notes like previous posters have said. It is something I used to do a lot and fell out of the habit. I like to leave them in his car or on his work clothes that I set out.

I also like to send him pictures or fun text messages. Sometimes it brightens his day Although it can be hard to think of new things to say or take pictures of. Last week I took a picture of our youngest at soccer tots and sent it to him. He can’t be there to take her but he can see pictures and hear about it.


I purchased the His & Hers KY jelly this week for my sweetie. It was something he has wanted to try for a while but I’m a little too reserved (plus they are normally $20 each). I had a Rite Aid video reward coupon for the KY from last month and another one from this month. I also had two manufacturing coupons for $5 each. Rite Aid had them on sale – buy one get one half off. I used all of the above coupons plus the $4, $2, and two $1 video reward coupons off of any purchase from this month. I got two of them for around $5. A thifty deal and my husband was very happy that I thought of him and cared enough to buy it (and be seen buying it)