Thrifty Party Idea

004I am guessing that I am not the only one who stresses about the details of everything….. A few weeks ago I had a birthday party for my son, we had 6 little friends over.  I was so worried about making sure they had fun, and had fun activities to do.  And as always they all had a hoot. The biggest hit was letting them decorate their own cupcake….anyway they wanted.  SO SIMPLE, but yet the highlight of the night!  I got the cake mix and frosting free….and I got the candy from the bulk section at Winco, it all cost less than $2.

So yes it is ironic that I have a sign in my kitchen that ways Simplify…. I need to read it more often I guess.   Many times it is the little things, and my time that my kids enjoy the most.  Something I am trying to remember as we start the busy month of December!

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