Thrifty Questions- What is a good price for diapers?

01/08/2010 8:22 pm · 34 comments

by Sarah A Thrifty Mom


I got this question from one of my readers,  to be honest I have never priced it out per diaper…. I normally just stock up when the smaller packs are $5 or less ( normally priced around $11).  So I wanted to ask my readers to help out with this question…do any of you have a price per diaper…that you are willing to share?

I am expecting in a couple of weeks and diaper deals are going to be on my radar for a while.  I wanted to know your rock bottom price on diapers.  I also worry that I may have a baby with a sensitive bottom.  What would you do if your newborn was allergic to all the diapers / wipes in your stockpile?

I was at Target on Milwalkee and Emerald today and they had several packages of Huggies and Pampers boxed (big boxes) diapers on sale for half off.  They were marked 14.98 originally 29.99.  I used a 2.00 off coupon for the Pampers and a 3.00 off for the Huggies.  I just bought 2 boxes. They did have more packages for sale and other Targets may have the same deal.  The crazy thing was they were located over by the clothes under the displays for strollers.

I wanted to know your rock bottom price on diapers.  I know that Costco can sometimes be cheaper.  When I did the math at the store it seemed that I was getting a good deal.

1 box Huggies size 3 / 150 diapers in the box for 14.98 less the 3.00 coupon = 11.98 oop and .0798 cents per diaper.
1 box Pampers size 2 / 132 diapers in the box (plus a coupon book) for 14.98 less the 2.00 coupon = 12.98 and .0983 cents per diaper.

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