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Last week I told you all about a great deal that ASI was offering all of my readers, the deal was only suppose to last a week.  But I have great news they would like to extend the offer till the end of August.  We had them come service out AC last week, they did a great job and  were friendly!  I even talked about coupons with my service guy and sent him home with my website info.


I am happy to let you know that Ameri-Serv Inc.  would like to offer all my readers a Thrifty deal on Inspection and Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance.

This offer is only good till the end of August $39.95 w/filter per unit. Why wait for it to break? Email to schedule that’s $39.95. They  guarantee you cannot beat this deal!  That’s a $40.00 savings.

Ameri-Serv, Inc Heating, Cooling & Controls

Ameri-Serv Heating and Cooling Air Conditioning Seasonal Maintenance Service Includes:
• Clean lint/dirt from Outdoor Condenser Coil
• Inspect equipment for refrigerant leaks
• Inspect all controls on outdoor unit as required
• Check system for proper refrigerant charge
• Check voltage and amperage on compressor
• Check voltage and amperage on outdoor unit fan motor
• Check starting capacitor for compressor
• Check starting capacitor for condenser fan motor
• Check thermostat operation and mounting
• Check electrical wiring condition and connections on outdoor unit
• Check temperature split across evaporator coil
• Check refrigerant caps and valves
• Change air filter (one poly filter included)
• Check final performance and advise home owner on any necessary improvements or repairs
• Provide written record of all operating data as indicated above
Note: One poly air filter per system is included
Note: No other materials or repairs are included

Boise 208 342-4328

Meridian 208 846-8928

Caldwell 208 467-2665

Nampa 208 461-7899

Or email us to schedule

Ameri-Serv, Inc

Heating, Cooling & Controls

13601 W. McMillian Road, Suite 102-120

Boise, Idaho 83713

208 342-HEAT  208 467-COOL  24/7


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