Thrifty Tips for Western Idaho Fair tickets


Thanks to Teri for passing this along

I thought I would mention a semi-frugal Western Idaho Fair deal.  See my daughter loves the fair.  This year she is treating us because she wants someone to ride the rides with her.  Her and Dad will go on the rides while my son and I (who don’t like the rides) will go see all the exhibits.  She is buying a Family Pack online with the advance pricing for $60.  This includes 4 gate admissions and 2 carnival wristbands which works perfect for our family.  If we waited and bought the day we go it would be $30 per wristband and $7 per gate admission which would total $88 dollars.  So she is saving $28 dollars by buying in advance and printing it out at home.   You can also get a sheet of 30 Carnival Tickets for $20 dollars.  Regular price works out to $1.00 each.  Also if you go to this link (PDF file Adobe reader is needed) if is a list of the rides and how many tickets they take.  That way you can work out if buy tickets or a wristband is cheaper for you overall.

I plan to take a backback with my own bottled water with me because so far I don’t see anything say I can’t.  I will probably have some snacks also.  Don’t forget to set aside a bit of money for Fair Food though.  Sure you can make some of it at home much more frugally but isn’t part of being frugal doing it so you can splurge once in a while?  The Fair is only once a year after all.

The main fair website is from there you can see all that will be going on.  I’m getting excited.



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