Thrifty Winco deal

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tuna helper

Thanks to Nancy for passing this along,

At Winco today I found Tuna Helper priced at 98 cents. Many of the boxes have peelies that say $1.00 of any tuna fish with the purchase of a tuna helper. The Hy-top tuna is 48 cents. That makes one box of Tuna Helper and a can of tuna only 46 cents. And if you use the .75 of 3 boxes of hamburger/tuna helper, It makes it only 23 cents for both. I bought 6 boxes of tuna helper and 6 cans of tuna for $1.38 plus tax. The cashier wasn’t really excited about the hamburger/tuna helper coupon (internet printable) but after conferring with the manager they decided to take them. YMMV! Good luck!

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