Time is money….

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toiletThanks to Jennifer for this Thrifty tip,

Over the past month since I started using coupons, I have been able to save quite a bit of money on the groceries and products that my family uses every day.  I also believe that my time is valuable.  I have a time saving idea for your readers.  My husband and I have 4 children and the 6 of us share 2 bathrooms.  I hate cleaning the toilet with a passion and when I was told about a way to keep my toilet clean WITHOUT having to clean it, I didn’t care what it cost I was willing to try it.  To my surprise, it works!  I have only had to clean the inside of each toilet bowl ONCE in the past 2 years – and they are clean.  All it takes is about 30 seconds of my time twice a month.  In the pool and spa section at WalMart, Target or Fred Meyer (or any other store that carries pool and spa supplies) there is a container of brohmide or brohminating tablets.  I purchase one every summer at WalMart for around $14.  I know that sounds like a lot but you get quite a few tablets.  To use, make sure your toilet bowl is clean to begin with.  Take the lid off of the tank and flush the toilet.  Drop 2 tablets in the upper right hand corner away from the working parts in the tank.  Replace lid and you’re done.  I put new tablets in twice a month (I do it on the days I get paid to help me remember).  If the tablets are almost gone I will put another 2 in the tank but if they are only about half gone, I will only add one additional tablet.  One container lasts me an entire year or longer.  If you want to break down the cost, it’s around $1/month or in the case of my family, less that 3/100th of a cent per flush.  Plus I have the joy of not having to put on rubber gloves and scrub!

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