Tip’s for Fuyu Persimmons

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I am reposting this this we got Persimmons in your Bountiful Basket again this week, and many of us at not familiar with this fruit.


Thanks to Linda for passing this thrifty tip along. I had no idea what a persimmons was, so I found this info very helpful!

I don’t know if you got a basket today, but that was interesting.  Thank you for posting about Bountiful Baskets.  This has been great fun.  I’m challenging myself to use everything each week in order to increase our fruit and vegetables.

I heard several people asking about the Fuyu Persimmons.  They are the small orange things that look like a funny tomato.  I love these.  We had a tree in our back yard when we lived in Nampa.  You can eat them like an apple when they are hard.  If you puree them in the blender, they are kind of like jello.  They must have a lot of pectin in them.  I put them in breads, cakes and muffins just like any other fruit.  These are not bitter like the persimmons from the southern United States.  I have never had the other types of persimmons, but my understanding is that they are much different than the Fuyu variety and harder to work with.

Happy Persimmon Eating!

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