Did you notice I was gone most the day???  My day started out at 4am with my son Matthew waking me up telling me his throat hurt, Matt tossed and turned all night still in lots of pain from his surgery ( so it kept me up too).  My little Maleeya woke me up at 6 am saying “juice juice” so I stumbled out of bed and decided to face the day.  Only to find out our site is having issues and my computer has crashed and will not allow me to access my own site.  I had to get Mckeely to an early morning dentist appointment, stop in at Costco and order 750 muffins for a church activity this weekend.  Pick  medication for Matt….rush home only to find Matt in pain trying to fix our site.  Matthew crying telling me still does not feel well, so I take him to the clinic to find out he has strep throat, which make me worry because of his heart.  Plus when he fevers he normally has seizures as well.  I went to Walgreens to fill the prescription, and had to wait 30 mins.  So Matthew enjoyed me pushing him around the store while he ate some icecream.  I came home to find out Matt was able to fix my computer ( thank you!!!) got the kids dinner and put in bed.  I am tired, grumpy and suppose to leave town for vacation tomorrow night, but I think we are going to have to wait a least another day.

But I made it……Kids are asleep in bed, Matt is resting on the couch and I am about to go join him.

Good Night!

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