Tootsie Pop Turkey~ Easy Thanksgiving Snacks

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Tootsie Pop Turkey~ Easy Thanksgiving Snacks

Here is a great snack to send with the kids to school for holiday parties.  They are easy, inexpensive and super quick to put together!

You will need:

Tootsie pop suckers

Hershey kisses

Small amount of red felt

Small amount of brown felt

Googly eyes

Hot glue gun and glue

These little turkeys are super easy to put together.  Glue the eyes on with hot glue.  Remove the white banner that says “Hershey kisses” on it from your kiss.   Attach the Hershey kiss with a very small amount of hot glue to your lollipop .  You don’t want a lot or it will melt the chocolate.  Cut a small triangle out of your brown felt to go over the top of your Hershey kiss for the beak, and cut out a small red strip to glue beside the beak.

tootsie pop turkey, #thanksgiving, #turkey, #tootsiepop, #thanksgvingtreat

That is it!  If you want to give your turkey feathers, you could probably attach them to the back, but I enjoyed the simplicity of this little guy the way he was. My kids’ school won’t let them have anything that is not store bought.  I love that I can make something like this, and still feel like it is something fun and personal that the kids will enjoy.  Not to mention this time of year, who has time to spend hours in the kitchen baking when we already have so much we are trying to do?!

tootsie pop turkey, easy thanksgiving snacks, #thanksgiving, #easy, #turkey, #snacks, #turkeycraft, #thrifty


  1. Happy to help, yes this is great project for kids (just don’t let them do the hot glue part)

  2. i was looking for a project to make for my son’s class (we’re in charge of treat bags for the Thanksgiving party!) easy and something he can help with! Thanks!!

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