TOP SECRET Bacon Bit Cooking Tips

The other day my friend was over eating dinner with us and she told me that I just had to share my secret for cooking perfect bacon bits.  I just kind of looked at her for a second… secret, there is no secret I just cook them over medium/ high heat in a pan on the stove top.  Then take them out to cool on a paper towel… it is pretty cut and dry no secrets involved.

 She insisted that I had to have a secret to making them all perfect little crunchy strips, all the same size with no fatty or chewy spots.  She said that her bacon never lays flat in the pan which causes some spot to be chewy.  It just crumbles when she tries to cut it so they are all different shapes and sizes …… OH a little light bulb went off inside my head, I told her I chop the bacon into little strips before I cook it.  It cooks really nice and even.  I thought everyone cooked bacon bits /crumbled bacon that way?  But just in case you too were wondering what the TOP SECRET Bacon Bit Cooking Tips are I thought I would share with you as well. Now go conquer the world with your new bacon knowledge…lol.