True Value BOGO

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Mara from Ontario Or, True Value store sent us this heads up:

We run Kinney & Keele True Value Store in Ontario and I wanted to let you know of the awesome Labor Day Sale!  It is going to be “Buy One Get One on Interior or Exterior House Paint”.  I have checked with the other stores in the Treasure and Magic Valley and we are going to be the only ones running this promotion. It runs the 2nd -7th.  There is also a coupon as well as some terrific sales!  Most of the items listed are over 50% off retail on the front page!  There will be 3 Bargain of the Month items also on the back.

Thanks for the heads up! FYI- for you Idaho readers, Oregon has no sales tax.…even more savings!

We are closing on a house after Labor Day, and most of the rooms need painted…. I bet I’ll see some of you there.