TV is awesome for babies #Tip #MommyMoments

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Baby watching tvMy 7 year old LOVES her baby sister.  She totes her around the house like a baby doll.  She was being fussy yesterday, then her eye caught a gimps of the tv screen and she was instantly quite.  My 7 year old was AMAZED, and giggled as her little sister watched the football game with her big brother for a few minutes.  She then looked up at me and said, ” MOM, you have to put this on your blog.  This is a really good tip… Tell all the ladies if your baby is crying put them in front of the TV and they will be happy.  ALL babies should watch TV.”

I laughed and told her, I was pretty sure I would get some nasty comments if I told people to put their babies in front of the TV.  But she insisted that you all NEED to know and would love the idea.

SO…. Dear A Thrifty Mom Readers, my 7 year old wants you all to know TV is awesome for babies.

LOL…. got to love kids 🙂


  1. My little one has always loved Mickey Mouse! She will stop in her tracks and smile/talk at the TV if she hears his voice.

  2. My 4 month old likes to watch cartoons sometimes with her 15 year old sister lol

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