Two pair Melas Pantyhose ~ just pay shipping

I know a lot of you ladies out there don’t use pantyhose anymore….. you lucky she-devils!!! While some of us no longer have flawless, tanned beautiful skin with no varicose veins etc and to get that smooth look, pantyhose is how it is done.

I haven’t seen  pantyhose on sale for a while so here is chance to get 2 Pair of MELAS Pantyhose — FREE! with no obligation!
Feel sexy, slim and super-comfortable all day. Your legs, butt and tummy will all look great!

2 FREE MELAS Control Pantyhose –$18 Value!

  • Body-slimming control tops and cotton gusset for a smooth and sleek look!
  • Your legs, butt and tummy will look great all-day!
  • ***BONUS GIFT – Mesh Laundry Bag*** (these are great for not just the pantyhose)
  • No obligation to buy anything else!
  • Pay just $3.95 shipping and handling


  1. I just found this deal through I don’t know if it will come with the mesh bag, but I’ve been wanting pantyhose. I think I will get it, considering how expensive pantyhose can be. 😛


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