Two watering / fertilizing canes and 20ft of hose only 3 bucks including shipping

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I know that the summer is over but I couldn’t pass up sharing this! For only $3 (including shipping) you get TWO of these watering wands. Each have a chamber for adding fertilizer. So often hanging plants get over looked and become very under nourished. Because they are not receiving nutrients from the surrounding ground, hanging plants often wither away even with watering. With these TWO wands you can add fertilizer and nutrients to the hanging pots. And for $3 bucks including shipping you get both! PLUS 20 feet of watering hose!

Hanging planters are perfect for the patio, but watering them can be a hassle. The Cloudburst Watering and Feeding Cane does away with step ladders and standing on your tip-toes. Attach the 20 feet of water tubing to a hose or faucet, then hold the cane over your planter from the safety of the ground.

The super-light cane is easy to hold without fatiguing your arm. A fillable fertilizer chamber can be used to feed your plants while watering. Plants will grow green and verdant and will never wither again with the Cloudburst Watering and Feeding Cane.

Features Include:

  • Super-light cane
  • 20 feet of water-hose tubing
  • Attaches to hose or outdoor faucet
  • Fillable fertilizer chamber for fertilizing plants while watering
  • Easy one-step watering and feeding of hanging plants
  • Hooks over the edge of hanging planters
  • 2 on/off switches, on handle and at faucet for easy watering
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • 2-pack

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