UPS MY CHOICE ~ Get delivery that fits your life

Become a Member  Of UPS MY CHOICE Get delivery that fits your life! Get alerts before packages arrive, Electronically authorize packages for drop-of, re-route to other locations and many other options. Must enter Valid name, username, password, address

Don’t drive your self nuts wondering if you will miss the next shipment! Every time you see that pastie note on the door after waiting all morning to go shopping and then leaving and coming home know you missed the package can just make you want to pull your hair out!

Why worry about all of that stress? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell the delivery truck when they can come over? Wouldn’t it be nice not to pull your hair out over the pastie note on your door telling you that you missed the delivery truck? And if you still can’t make it home because you are away at work, or just don’t want to even take the time to meet the delivery truck and just want the driver to place the package in a special place at your home.

Well UPS My Choice has solved that issue! You tell them when to drop it off. You tell them where to place the package. You control the entire process. They send email, text, or phone alerts giving you a heads up on the upcoming delivery. There are two options – the first is a FREE option for everyone to use! The other option is a paid option for those who want more control, and maybe expect even more packages or time sensitive packages. For only $40 for the annual subscription this will totally save you any mental stress! Learn more on the UPS My Choice