A Thrifty Mom wants to be your Ultimate Personal Shopper

I want to tell you why I, A Thrifty Mom, would be the Ultimate Personal Shopper. When I was younger I thought I did not like to shop. It seemed like I could never find things that were in my budget or fit right. Hours were wasted and I walked away empty handed.  But the truth was I did like the thrill of a good deal and shopping for a deal is much more than just walking through the stores.  Deal shopping is about pulling back your sleeves and getting to work.  Go ahead and try clothing on, smell the perfume, walk in those crazy shoes that seem a little out there or walk the store in slippers, check that clearance rack  to see what you find. You may find you like shopping after all but you may also find that shopping is not your thing.  If that is the case then no worries, let me be your personal shopper.  I love walking the store or searching online to find the deals to help you know what the best deals  are and how to spend your hard earned money.

But if you do like to shop then I have even better news. You can sign up for your very own Personal Shopper account.  When you find the good deals you can then share them with friends and family.  You can shop for yourself  but you can also shop for your friends, show them the best deals and when they buy, you earn commission on what they buy.

Make sure to sign up for your very own  Shop Your Way Personal Shopper  (<– My referral link) You can shop at Sears, Kmart, Lands End and many other stores.

With school right around the corner, you may be looking for some deals on back to school items. I know I can’t wait to go school shopping for my children.  I was excited to find these deals at Sears and thought I would share a few of my favorite with you.

Canyon River Blues Boy’s Slim 5 Pocket Jeans $12.99 (was $17.99) each

Hybrid Boy’s Star Crush T-Shirt Green $5.99 (was $14.00)

Backpacks low as $11.00 each, many of them 50% off!

Boys shoes starting low as $9.99, the ones in the image above only $14.99 that is 50% off!

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If you can not view this video you can watch it here.   Hope you enjoy this silly video letting you know how much I want to be your personal shopper.

 I Submitted this blog post to Sears Holdings for the opportunity to appear in a ShopYourWay.com Video.

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