Valentine’s day arrows

Valentine’s day arrows

These Valentine’s day arrows are so cute to hand out to a class for Valentine’s day. Use the free printable template to cut out your own pieces!

Valentine's day arrows

You will need:
Arrow template (below)
Felt (I used glitter and regular)
Pencils (you can find really cute packs at Dollar Tree)
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Start by printing off the template below. To do so just right click on the image and save it. You can then print from your computer. This is on just a regular sheet of paper. Cut out the template pieces and trace them onto your felt. Cut the felt. The template has the pieces for one pencil/arrow.

Once your pieces are cut out, lay your pencil on one piece of felt and add some hot glue to the felt piece, NOT to the pencil. Quickly add your other felt piece on top of the pencil and felt pressing them together so the felt pieces stick together. Do this step for the point of the arrow and the fletching pieces. Be sure the felt is attaching without actually gluing to the pencil so the pencil can be removed and used. That’s it! If you are going to make these for a class, trace all your pieces onto your felt and cut it all at once for a quicker project. The kids may even want to get involved and help with the cutting and gluing. Just be sure you are supervising so that they don’t get burnt on the hot glue.

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