Valentine’s Socks~Thrifty Gift Ideas

Valentine's socks~Thrifty gift ideas, #valentinegifts, #valentines, #thriftygifts, #socks, #punnygifts, #easygifts,

Valentine’s Socks~Thrifty Gift Ideas

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to show someone you love them this Valentine’s day?  This “punny” gift will knock their socks off!

Valentine's socks~Thrifty gift ideas, #valentinegifts, #thriftygifts, #valentines, #socks, #punnygifts, #easygifts,

My husband and I are cheap, “thrifty” and don’t usually spend much on Valentine’s day.  I usually make his favorite meal and we may exchange cards, but it isn’t a big holiday at our house.  Our anniversary is the same week and we tend to focus on that instead.  I still like to do a little something for my kids though.  This gift is perfect for kids, or, really anyone you want to give a little Valentine to.

All you need is a pair of new socks, some ribbon and a tag.  You don’t have to get fancy with the tag, write it out on a sticky note or get some tags from the dollar store.  (I tried to create the tag as a printable, but my program wouldn’t cooperate.  I ended up having to use my Silhouette software, which doesn’t allow me to share as a printable file.  If you happen to have the Silhouette software and want the file, I would be happy to share, just give us your email address and I will send it to you!)

I have 2 boys that I don’t think would quite appreciate the cute socks the way my daughter does, so they are just getting white.  Practical, but still makes a fun gift when you add the little note. Just roll them up and tie the tag on with some ribbon or put in a cute little gift bag.  In case you can’t read them, the note on the white socks says “We make a perfect pair, Valentine!” and the one with the colorful pair says “Valentine, You knock my socks off!”  Valentine’s day seems to bring out the cheesy puns in all of us, doesn’t it?  So there you have it!  A practical, cute, thrifty, Valentine’s day gift!

Valentine's socks~Thrifty gift ideas,  #socks,#valentinegifts, #valentines, #thriftygifts, #punnygifts, #easygifts,


  1. Boys love Addidas or Nike socks, and they have them at Ross for like $5 per 3 pair pack.

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