Veggie Smoothie ~ Don’t Say Yuck Until You Try It

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Birds Eye Vegetables contacted me and asked me if I would like to review one of their kid friendly recipes. This year Birds Eye set out on a mission to inspire a new generation of vegetable lovers and become the first company to go straight to the source: kids, to change the conversation about vegetables.

The goal was to empower kids’ creativity and encourage them to share their inspiration with others.  Kids shared wild and wacky creations showcasing their love for veggies in awesome fashion, generating 16 thousand wacky, out-of-this-world recipe concepts gleaned from a virtual kitchen.

I decided to go out on a limb and try the Veggie Smoothies, the main ingredient being frozen veggies.

Now I know what you are thinking YUCK… I admit I thought the same thing.  We decided to try out this new recipe when my brothers kids were over for a play date. I was not sure my own kids would go for blended veggies through a straw, but with peer pressure they may go for it, lol.  I gathered them all around and told them we were going  to make a new smoothie recipe.  They all cheered till I showed the the first ingredient, a bag of frozen broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.  I instantly became the “Weird Aunt” that puts veggies in things like Jello and Smoothies. Now I just need a groovy pair of double knit plaid pants from the 70’s to fit the part, LOL.

But I told them, “You can’t say YUCK until you try it”.  Plus blending up weird stuff in the blender is always fun.

Veggie Smoothie

We made the smoothie according to the recipe above but it was WAY TOO THICK and would not blend… It was a lumpy blend of veggies, green, orange and white.  To be honest it looked more like vomit that a smoothie.  So we added another cup of yogurt, and another cup of orange juice.   It then blended well… and like magic turned into a beautiful orange smoothie.  You would NEVER know there was a whole bag of veggies in there.

But the real test HOW DID IT TASTE? Well 4 out of the 6 kids drank every last bit and even asked for more.  While the other 2 drank part of it and then went off to play. I was SHOCKED at how well the veggies blended in, and that is really was not that bad.  I could not get my Hubby to drink it, but it went over great with the kids.  If I was to make this again I would only add half the bag of vegetables.  Or an even better idea would be to JUST ADD FROZEN CARROTS, I think if you added a handful of frozen carrots into ANY smoothie there is a good chance you would never know they were in there.  They are sweet and blend right in.

So it goes to show, DON”T SAY YUCK UNTIL YOU TRY IT! Because like us you may find you really like it!

Thanks again to Birds Eye vegetables for letting me take part in this fun challenge.

You can try this and many other recipes on the kids section of the Birds Eye site. 

Make sure you visit our site tonight at 9 mst because we will be doing a live flash giveaway for free Birds Eye products and a $75 Gift Card!


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