VERY Thrifty Deal on Dr Pepper at Albertsons

dr pepperI am so excited to let you know about this great deal going on at Albertsons.  They have a soda sale going on right now, buy 2 get 2 free.  My Albertsons manager just called me to let me know that when you buy 4 12 packs of Dr Pepper it is printing out a $5 catalina.

So here is how the deal will work:

  • Buy 4 packs of Dr Pepper your total will be $10.78 plus tax
  • After you pay a $5 catalina will print out that you can use on your next purchase
  • You can then use that $5 catalina towards another 4 packs of soda ( or anything else you want)
  • Making the next 4 you buy only $1.45 a 12 pack, and another $5 catalina will print

I do not know hoe long the catalina will print for?  Any one know the end date? My local Caldwell store just got a huge shipment in, but I am sure it will not last long.  Not sure how well other stores are stocked?

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